Batman 150 cover by Tirso Cons
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Two-Face Has 2 Reasons for Not Outing Batman’s Secret Identity

For some time now, Two-Face has been aware of the secret identity of Batman in the comics. Despite this, the gangster has not sought to turn this information to his advantage. Batman #150 reveals that Harvey Dent has not one, but two good reasons to help keep the secret identity of Bruce Wayne a secret.

Written by Chip Zdarsky, with art by Denys Cowan and Jorge Jiménez, the main story of Batman #150 centers around a common crook named Teddy. A low-level thug, who spent his life as a henchman for B-list bad guys, Teddy stumbled across proof that Bruce Wayne is Batman. The comic follows Teddy as he tries to find a buyer for the information.

Two-Face in Batman 150
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Thanks to an old friend, Teddy is able to score a meeting with Two-Face. However, Harvey Dent is not interested in buying the information. Indeed, he informs Teddy that he already knows the true identity of Batman. He only agreed to meet with Teddy to see if he truly understood what he was about to do by selling the information.

Two-Face Respects and Fears Batman

Two-Face speaks of his many fights with Batman, describing them as battles between “the four of us.” He says he could undo Bruce Wayne’s duality at any time, but does not. This is partly due to his admiring the perfection of Batman’s double-life. However, there is a second reason why he stays silent.

Two-Face explains beauty of Batman duality
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Two-Face fears what would happen if Bruce Wayne were to wholly devote himself to being Batman. He theorizes that he would be a monster unlike anything Gotham City had seen. Both Harvey Dent and Two-Face agreed they did not want to see that happen, albeit for drastically different reasons. Harvey feared for the soul of his friend, while Two-Face feared for his life in a world with “a pure Bat.”

Batman #150 is now available in comic shops everywhere.