Catwoman Footage on Extra & an In-Depth Article

Scooper ‘The Speeshul 1’ on the SHH! Boards tells us that Extra showed a few seconds from the Catwoman movie…

I just saw a piece of Halle’s award on “Extra” (she didn’t go to get it because she was sick) and they showed a few seconds of “Catwoman” (that they talked over, in typical fashion). Halle did some flips and other acrobatic tricks, and it closed with Halle licking somebody’s face (possibly Lambert Wilson) and her looking around in a club or something (probably the part where she gets the whip). Hopefully, this is indicative that one of the upcoming TV appearances about Halle will have a trailer. And, on another note, except for the very last shot (Halle looking around in the club), when you see footage, the movie doesn’t look so bad.

Also, Variety has published a great article on Halle Berry and the Catwoman film. Here’s a few clips…

While the upcoming “Catwoman,” directed by Frenchman Pitof, the visual effects man (“Messenger: Joan of Arc”) turned helmer (“Vidocq”), has plenty of thrills and chills, the story of Ms. Phillips, whose work for a nefarious cosmetics company gives her catlike powers of resurrection, stealth and agility, has deeper psychological dimensions that play to Berry’s serious actor side. It also gave her major opportunities for self-discovery in the process, she says.

Before shooting began in October, this year’s ShoWest female star of the year spent grueling time getting in peak physical shape with her trainer. She had to study gymnastics, stunt training, fight training, a dance movement called Capoeira based on animal nuances, cat movement, mannerisms and psychology.

“There is still a fair amount of action heroine in this movie — that was a given,” she says. But preparing for it “wasn’t just about getting the body in shape and putting on the costume. It turned out to be a really good acting job that needed to happen.”

Check out the full article at the link above!

Source: The Speeshul 1, Variety