Ben Affleck Rules Out a Daredevil 2?

Take this with a grain of salt, as WENN pulls most of their material from tabloids, but the news service is reporting the following…

Ben Affleck has ruled out the possibility of ever starring in a sequel to his 2003 hit Daredevil – because he doesn’t want to do any more action movies. The Hollywood hunk, ex-fiance of Jennifer Lopez, tried his hand at such high- octane films as Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and last year’s box office flop Paycheck, but has decided it’s time to give up on the genre. He says, “I can’t imagine doing another action movie. I’m not interested.” Instead, Affleck is enjoying the adventure of new challenges, like the holiday comedy Surviving Christmas, which hits American cinema screens on November 19. He adds, “It’s the kind of script you would normally expect someone like Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell or Eddie Murphy to be in. Instead, it’s me trying my hand at comedy.”

If this is true, we’re pretty sure there’s other actors who’d like to take a shot at Daredevil 2.

Source: WENN