Marvel Studios & Figures Update From Toy Fair!

‘Ziz’ alerted us that the Galactic Hunter website has posted many great shots from the New York Toy Fair. Included are Marvel Studio displays with posters and temporary logos from their upcoming films, new promo posters for Spider-Man 2 (featuring some cool Doc Ock/Spidey ones), and a great look at all the action figures! Don’t miss the images at the link above.

By the way, one of the promos reads that the new Spider-Man 2 trailer will come in April, that the full media blitz begins in May, that the games launch in June and that the DVD should be available in November.

Meanwhile, the Superhero Times site also has up an entire gallery of various toys on display, with a lot of the Spider-Man 2 figures and more.

Source: Superhero Hype!