Exclusive: Alex Borstein Talks Catwoman!

Superhero Hype! correspondent Dennis Weber talked to Alex Borstein (“Mad TV,” “Family Guy,” “The Lizzie McGuire Movie”) about her role in Warner Bros.’ upcoming Catwoman movie, starring Halle Berry.

I would love to know more about your character. How much does the viewer get to know about your character?

I play Sally, Halle Berry’s (Catwoman’s) best friend. My character enjoys all the good stuff in life: food, wine and sex. She’s a fireball.

What was it like working on this film?

It was great fun to work on a film of this magnitude. Big stars, big budget, big stunts.

What do you think about the bad gossip surrounding the costume?

Haven’t really heard any of the bad gossip. Sorry.

What do you personally think about the costumes in this film? Especially Halle’s suits and Sharon Stones’s.

I think Halle Berry is the most beautiful woman in the world and her Catwoman suit is HOT! I didn’t see much of Sharon’s wardrobe up close, but the pictures and sketches were very cool.

What do you think this film will ultimately look like?

I think it will look amazing! It will be dark and mysterious, which is Pitof’s style.

How was it to work with the French filmmaker Pitof?

Pitof was very warm, very nice and easy to work with. At times we had some translation problems, but not too bad. He is a very talented man. I really enjoyed his film “Vidoq.” You should see it. Shot on DV.

Would you play the part of Sally again in a Catwoman sequel?


Did word reach you about whether or not there will be a sequel? Is there a part in your agreement for sequels?

Most contracts are open to the possibility, but I have no idea if there is one in the works.

Do you think the bad feedback will influence the decisions of Pitof and the studio? Will they change some things because of the Internet fans or will they just do their thing?

Well, if I haven’t heard about any of this bad feedback, chances are that they haven’t either.

Thanks to Dennis for the interview and to Alex Borstein for taking the time to answer questions.

Source: Dennis Weber