Hulk 2 in Trouble?

Dark Horizons posted this bit about the possible Hulk sequel. It’s from a scooper and we’re not sure if it’s reliable info or not. One thing the scooper loses major points on is that he/she mentions that “Indiana Jones 4” is at Universal, whereas it’s actually at Paramount. Take the following with a grain of salt…

“Thought you might want some info on a big reshuffle and impasse over at Universal. There’s a sequel to “Hulk” happening – it just mightn’t be at Universal or with the same people. You might have already heard something about this but I’ll shed further light.

Producer Gale Anne Hurd wants a sequel to “The Hulk”. The studio doesn’t. Eric Bana doesn’t. [And you can count Jennifer Connelly out too. She signed a one-picture deal first time around]. And now, it looks like there’s going to be problems with everyone involved in merchandising too [the Vivendi arm], because another studio might get it – and they have their own subs.

Hit the link above to read more of the article.

Source: Dark Horizons