Batman: Dead End Star Featured in AHF Magazine

Superhero Hype! received this great letter from the art director of American Health & Fitness who are running an article on Batman: Dead End star Clark Bartram.

Hi, I’m Wil Mckeown, art director for (AHF) American Health & Fitness – a fitness magazine for men. We will be featuring Clark Bartram in our section The Scoop, Spotlight on Clark Bartram in our latest issue, on page #100 of AHF #18 ON NEWSSTANDS NOW!!! After hearing about Batman: Dead End from your Website, I got to see it online. To my surprise, Batman was being portrayed by one of our regular fitness models, Clark Bartram. Since we often feature Actors in action roles (like superheroes) in Our Scoop section, I had my editor get in contact with Clark. He sent us the DVD of Batman; Dead End, along with some bio stuff. The article features many physique shots of Clark. Trust me, he easily has the best physique of any man to don the cape and cowl for film. I’m including a jpeg of the lead shot for your SHH! media section. One of the best things is that this was not Clark’s first time as a superhero. In AHF#4, Clark appeared in a pictorial bodypainted as Spider-man (one of those pix is reprinted in this new piece). There are also many behind the scene shots from Batman: Dead End. More Clark physique shots can also be seen in an abdominals training article (Hang In There) on page 54 of the same issue.

Source: American Health & Fitness