The Dark Knight Returns Armored Batman Gets McFarlane-ized

McFarlane Toys aren’t the first company to make an action figure of The Dark Knight Returns Armored Batman. Anyone who’s entered a toy section in the last three years probably saw Mattel’s version hanging around on the pegs forever. And several import companies have taken a crack. However, most previous versions tried to replicate Frank Miller’s artwork, giving the figure exaggerated proportions or a cartoon-like finish. McFarlane’s takes a more realistic tack. This Dark Knight Returns Armored Batman looks like he fits in with the rest of the DC Multiverse line. It’s the Miller costume design through and through, but more the way he’d look if Todd McFarlane or Greg Capullo drew him.

With its darker color palette, it also feels like a bit of a callback to Batman v Superman, which updated the look for the big screen. In all cases, Batman makes his mouth needlessly vulnerable. But as Henry Cavill’s Superman said, “If I wanted it, you’d be dead already.” Batman counts on the fact that Superman will pull his punches, even though in the original comic Clark has become more of Ronald Reagan’s personal enforcer than an inherent good guy.

(McFarlane Toys and Zack Snyder have a good relationship already. Figures from The Snyder Cut are still available at sites like Entertainment Earth. With whom we are affiliated, and earn fees from purchases.)

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This armored Batman comes with alternate hands, fixed-pose cape, a trading card, and McFarlane figure stand. Even though McFarlane Toys heavily favors Batman variants, bet on at least one more future figure to take him on…or assist.

Get a look at the figure from multiple angles in the gallery below.  Expect final product by September, at a $19.99 price tag. Will it be Miller time for your Batman toy collection? Let us know in comments.

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