Guillermo del Toro Gives Another Hellboy Update

More great stuff from Hellboy director on the official site’s Message Board. Here are some of the highlights…

It’s already been two weeks. We are still in the cutting room. First off, some news: We re-launch the site -this site- in Halloween night. Be sure to check in, there will be a handful of tasty goodies to be looked at… A TEASER poster will be up in NOvember, then banners in December and -finally- the Drew poster in January or so… The TRAILER will be attached to LAST SAMURAI, yes, but it could also debut with Ron Howard’s THE MISSING, time permitting… AS soon as the trailer is up in thetres we will post the much-seen “sizzle reel” that was shown at the licensing shows. It will be shown in 3 parts for easier download.

There’s much more at the link above, including word on the 2.5 disc DVD release!

Source: Official Site