Director Sam Raimi Talks Spider-Man 2!

‘Peter Norbot’ sent in this great report on an article in the latest Wizard magazine…

Picked up the latestest Wizard and it had a Q&A interview with Sam Raimi. In the Q&A Raimi talks about how he’s sticking with the theme “With great power comes great responsibility” and how he’s playing with variations with that theme. He talks about how New York was a great place to shoot and he is improving the quality of the film. He talked about how he picked his Doc Ock. (Alfred Molina).

Raimi: “I wanted to be true to the idea that Doc Ock was older. He’s a larger man, with a certain amount of heft.” Sam is being true to the idea of Doc Ock and that Alfred is pulling this character off very well.

James Franco (Harry Osborn) and Kirsten Dunst (Mary Jane Watson) both play heavy factors into the script. Will MJ and Peter hook up in this movie?? Sam Raimi aint telling!!

On a personal note I would like to share that I just got engaged a couple of weeks ago and when I asked her to marry me she said “Yes” and I said “really?” and she said “Face it tiger, you’ve just hit the jackpot!” Just had to share that with you spidey fans!!!

Peter, with a reply like that, you most certainly have hit the jackpot! Congrats from all of us at the Hype.

Source: Peter Norbot