Eric Bana Talks Hulk Box Office

The Herald Sun spoke with Eric Bana about his new film, Troy:

Troy is an adaptation of Homer’s epic poem The Iliad.

Bana said he hoped the film would introduce a new generation to the stories of ancient civilisation and mythology.

His Prince Hector defends Troy against the Greek tribes led by Achilles (Pitt). The decade-long war is prompted by Hector’s brother, Paris (Bloom), who runs off with the Helen, Queen of Sparta.

“Hector is a noble, great character and one everyone should enjoy,” Bana said. “If they don’t, I won’t act again.”

Bana said the demands of playing Hector were different from any other role.

“It was a weird mix,” he said. “It had to have classical drama, that side being super important, and then combine that with playing Chuck Norris as the warrior.”

Bana defended The Hulk and his inclusion in a top 10 list of Hollywood’s worst autograph givers.

He said it was “stupid” to describe The Hulk as a failure because it only earned $222 million at the box office.

“I couldn’t be more proud of that film,” he said. “I think in time it will go down as one of the most different films in that genre.”

On the autographs, Bana said the rating was given by a website of professional autograph hunters and he “couldn’t care less about it”.

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Source: Herald Sun