Eric Bana Has No Regrets About 2003’s Hulk

Hulk is often cited by many as one of the weakest superhero films, particularly for its attempt to create a more artistic version of the story instead of an outright action adventure film. In the film, Eric Bana starred as Bruce Banner and in a recent interview with The Huffington Post, he says he doesn’t regret making the film.

“I’m proud of what it tried to do. I apologize to all those people who were so angry about it…I’m fascinated by the people who hated that movie and feel compelled to watch it again, which always blows my mind. But, yeah, it is what it is and I certainly don’t regret doing it.”

The franchise potential ended for the film when it failed to take off at the box office, though Bana is thankful there weren’t any sequels.

“I think I’m so lucky it didn’t happen….One of the things I was most fearful of at the time is it being a huge success…If I had done three Hulks, it would have wiped out — and it always takes a long time to do those movies — so it would take six of my movies off the table.”
What do you think of the 2003 Hulk film? Is it an underrated entry or the worst of the Hulk movies? Sound off below!