Alfred Molina on Preparing for Doc Ock

‘ultimatefan’ tells us on the SHH! Boards that Alfred Molina was interviewed in the latest issue of Wizard magazine. Here’s what he said about preparing for the role of Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2….

I remember some of the storylines from when I was young. But I had to go back and re-familiarize myself with the first time [Doc Ock] shows up in the comics from the ’60s. I picked up a few collected editions to remind myself of all the cool stuff. The artwork was very helpful to see how he’s changed and how the tentacles have changed over the years. His entire look has kind of changed over the years. He started off as this overweight, middle-aged guy and he’s become more and more defined. It was fascinating to remind myself of all of this. Of course, our storyline is completely original.

Source: Ultimatefan