The Batman Casting Saga Continues

Moviehole sent this update on the latest casting call announcement for Chris Nolan’s Batman adaptation.

As promised, I checked in with a contact pretty close to the whole WB “Batman” situation to see what’s going on there in terms of the contenders that were mentioned yesterday, and in particular, what he thinks of it all. “I think there are names the studio wants and names Chris Nolan would like to shortlist. Leaking names to the press gets some public reaction. For Jake Gyllenhaal and Cillian Murphy to be on the list is a strange litmus test that the next Batman script might go a lot younger. What are they? Both 22?” says the insider. “I know for a fact that the studio wants an exciting choice to re-energize the franchise. Christian [Bale] has been on a list for a long time because people equate his American Psycho character with Bruce Wayne.” Most surprisingly, we’re told “I still think it’s going to be someone not on that list.” Who though? “I still hear Freddie Prinze Jr is still lobbying hard. I also heard a new name – Josh Lucas. He’s the perfect age and very seasoned though apparently his agent wants him to go for it but he’s worried about stereotyping.” The plot thickens…

Stay tuned for more developments on the continuing saga.

Source: Moviehole