Agents of SHIELD Episode 3.04 Recap and Preview for Next Week

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Episode 3.04 Recap

A couple are making dinner when they get a visit from Alisha. All three are Inhumans, and have been since before the outbreak. Alisha is there to warn them about the beast who is hunting them, when Lash explodes in and kills them all. Well, not Alisha – she astral-projected to them from the safety of SHIELD. She “returns” to Coulson and tells him Lash is here to kill them, then slips into shock. Daisy and Mac rush in, then track the beast while Coulson, Bobbi, and Fitz secure the crime scene. At the crime scene, Bobbi bags some beast fur, and Coulson takes a computer. Daisy and Mac lose track of the monster, but they are greeted by the ATCU – and they are not happy about it.

Back at the lab, Bobbi confirms that the killer’s DNA is Inhuman. Later, the hair sample starts to deteriorate. Coulson has found a virus on the computer and sends Daisy to track it. She discovers it was used to track Inhumans, and it leads back to a computer programmer named Dwight Frye. Because of his government job, Daisy starts to theorize that he is in cahoots with Rosalind.

Coulson, Mac, and Daisy go to Frye’s house and find Rosalind’s team already there. They work together and Daisy finds Frye huddled in his closet, shaking. He is in pain, with boils growing on his face. He begs Daisy to leave, and starts coming towards her threateningly. Daisy zaps him back with her powers and Mac drags him out. Frye insists that Daisy is killing him, so she leaves and his reaction dissipates. His unfortunate Inhuman ability is to get migraines and boils whenever he is near another Inhuman. Lash has been giving him the names; all Frye did was track them down. He doesn’t know where Lash is, and he doesn’t like helping him, but the murder of an Inhuman is the only thing that makes Frye feel better. The ATCU take Frye into custody, but agree to take Daisy and Mac with them.

Mac and Daisy start to think they are being driven in circles so that the ATCU can clean out their base. (Those two are crazy paranoid.) Suddenly the roof of the truck cracks open, and Lash jumps in. There is a fight, the truck flips, and catches fire. Lash drags Frye from the vehicle and kills him. Daisy watches from within the truck, and sees the shadow of Lash change from monster to human.

Meanwhile, Hunter is waiting for the time and place of the job that Kebo is taking him on. May is worried, and she goes back to Coulson to warn him that Hunter is about to go off the deep end. No amount of reasoning will talk Hunter out of getting revenge for Bobbi nearly dying. Kebo finally calls him in for the job – but he has to ride there in the trunk of the car. They still don’t trust him. They arrive at the job, which is a massive weapons operation, and inform Hunter that he is about to meet the Director. Hunter’s back is to him, and he checks out the weapons within reach before turning around, revealing himself to Ward. A gun fight erupts.

May shows up to help Hunter, but there are a lot more of them. Even still, Ward realizes he is fighting a losing war, so he plays his ace in the hole: Andrew. An alleged live stream of Andrew in a convenience store is meant to prove that Ward has him under surveillance. Hunter begs May not to believe him, but May does. Ward isn’t lying: Alex and a couple of goons are surrounding Andrew. May has to believe him, but Hunter can’t let him get away, so he opens fire again. May joins in, but when all is said and done, Ward and Kebo escape – though Hunter does land a shot into Ward.

Also: Simmons has been keeping a notebook with formulas and diagrams, all trying to open the portal. She is secretive and angry about it, but by the episode’s end, she is ready to reveal all to Fitz. And Bobbi is starting to feel left out.

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