Agent Carter Season Finale Recap

I’m so sad that Agent Carter is over. It feels like such a let-down to go back to “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” next week. “S.H.I.E.L.D.” is fun, but it is so uneven. Carter was just continually awesome, with much better characters.

There are 47 dead in the movie theater. No survivors. The victims have all been brutalized. They weren’t killed by the gas; they killed each other. The SSR is there, checking out the scene, and Sousa finds the canister. It shoots a little bit of gas into his face, and he chokes on it. Thompson rushes over to help, and Sousa becomes violent, trying to kill him. It takes three agents to take him down. When he wakes up a few hours later, the gas is out of his system. He feels like he swallowed a bag of shrapnel, but he no longer has the desire to kill.

Peggy and Sousa return to the SSR. Ivchenko has ten canisters of the stuff, enough to drive mad half the population of New York. Stark walks in, and every agent pulls their gun on him. Stark is arrested, and Thompson is furious. He came back because he feels bad about the deaths. The gas is called Midnight Oil, and was developed to keep soldiers awake for days on end. Unfortunately, it didn’t do that but instead gave them the side effects of sleep deprivation: violence, aggression, psychosis. Stark’s lab was raided, everything related to Midnight Oil was stolen, and used in Finnow. He figures that Ivchenko is looking to punish him, and volunteers to be bait.

The SSR stages a press conference, declaring Stark innocent of all charges. When Stark steps up to speak, gunshots create havoc. Peggy identifies the shots as coming from a nearby hotel, but when she gets up there, the room is empty. The gun was set up to go off automatically, and it was specifically aimed to miss Stark. It was all a distraction. Jarvis rushed Stark into an SSR vehicle, but as the car drives away, he sees two dead cops in the alley.

The cop driving Stark is under Ivchenko’s hypnosis. He is killed once Ivchenko and Dottie take Stark in their own sedan. They drive him out to the country, where Stark has another, larger vault, filled with airplanes and expensive cars. Back at the scene, Peggy and Thompson figure out that the gas needs to be dispersed by air, and that today is V.E. Day. Jarvis tells them about the hangar, and the group heads out to stop what could be a catastrophe.

The SSR arrive just as Howard takes off in his plane. Ivchenko had hypnotized him to believe he could still save Captain America, so that is where he thinks he is going. Instead, he is flying to Times Square, to ruin the celebration. Jarvis is the only one who knows how to fly, so he volunteers to take another plane up, just in case Howard can’t be talked down and Jarvis needs to shoot him down, into the water.

Peggy finds Dottie and Ivchenko in the communication tower. Ivchenko is trying to maintain Howard’s hypnosis over the radio. When Peggy comes in, Dottie sends the doctor out, and the girls have an awesome fight scene (you can watch the scene below!). Peggy wins by knocking Dottie out a window. She then gets on the horn with Stark and tries to talk him out of his hypnosis. Jarvis radios on another channel. He is quickly approaching the point of no return, but Peggy is desperate to save Howard and forces Jarvis to wait. At the last possible minute, just as Peggy is about to give the order to shoot Stark down, he comes around. Jarvis leads Howard back to the hangar, and a safe landing.

While Peggy was busy with Stark, Thompson and Sousa were on the trail of Ivchenko. The doctor knocks out Thompson, but is set upon by Sousa. He tries to hypnotize Sousa into shooting Thompson, and it appears to be working, but at the last minute, Sousa knocks out Ivchenko and reveals he was wearing ear plugs.

Dottie, unsurprisingly, didn’t die in the fall and has disappeared. Ivchenko is handcuffed and gagged. Peggy goes into the SSR the next morning to pick up her paycheck. She hasn’t decided if she is coming back, but the whole squad cheers for her. A congressman comes in and congratulates Thompson on preventing a massive catastrophe. Thompson doesn’t even try to give Peggy any credit, which infuriates Sousa. “I know my value,” Peggy says simply. “Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter.”

Howard gives one of his apartments to Peggy and Angie to live in, for as long as they want, rent-free. Angie is over the moon. Jarvis informs Peggy that Stark is destroying all his toys, but reveals he has saved one just for Peggy: Steve’s blood. And Peggy knows just what to do with it: she pours it into the river in a private, sunset farewell.

But we are not done yet! Ivchenko, fitted with a special device that prevents him from talking, is taken to his prison cell. But he has a roommate. A German roommate, who wants to collaborate with him: Dr. Zola, from Hydra. YES!! Fingers crossed for a second season!