S.H.I.E.L.D. season 6 episode 13 recap

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6 Episode 13 Recap

The battle against Izel is no more, but that doesn’t mean the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. aren’t out of the woods yet. One fight always seems to follow another. With May bleeding out in a foreign dimension and Izel’s gate mere moments from opening, Mack and his agency stood tall in the face of the end. But a familiar threat took advantage of the situation to launch an extermination effort against S.H.I.E.L.D. and the planet. The future isn’t known, much like the past, but the agency forced itself to find new life as a bittersweet victory remained vivid in their mouths. 


Fitz and Simmons watch Sarge stab and toss May through the gate via a hidden camera. They relay the news to the Zephyr, leaving Daisy to blame herself for trusting Sarge. Yo-Yo tells her to make May’s death mean something as their line of communication with the Lighthouse goes dark. They try to lead Deke through the process of flying the Quinjet to their location. But the Shrike interrupt the lesson after raiding the armory. Yo-Yo takes the wave out via bullet time before a Shrike enters her body. Deke makes a rocky landing on top of the Zephyr as Mack embraces Yo-Yo, promising to get the parasite out of her. Reunited, the team takes off toward the temple. It’s time to stop Izel and Sarge.

It turns out that the Lighthouse’s communication lines went dark because of the arrival of a swarm of Chronicom hunters. They easily take the bridge and secure control over their systems. Fitz and Simmons are able to escape, but soon find that the hunters are one step ahead of them. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s emergency unit is dead. The hunters know all of the agency’s protocols. Fitz and Simmons realize that this is because the hunters still have access to their minds. They tell the others to hide in Deke’s lab without them. They’re a liability. The couple instead heads to the framework. They have a plan.

On Death’s Door

May lies in a pool of blood in a dimly lit room as three figures, each wearing an amulet patterned after a monolith, begin to stir. They remove their amulets and insert them into a lock, each one removing a lock on the final gate to Izel’s dimension. May begins to stir, pulling the sword from her stomach. On the other side, Izel and Sarge celebrate their reunion. The revelry turns into anger as Sarge chokes Izel, blaming her for being trapped within this body. The amulets sudden fly through the gate, landing at their feet as tempers settle. Izel blames Sarge for this and heads through the gate to find out what’s wrong.

Fitz and Simmons prepare to destroy the framework in order to keep the agency’s mind tech out of the hunters’ hands. With the charges set, the two finally realize that they have no way to detonate the bombs and escape. They resolve to sacrifice themselves as the hunters enter the room. But Isaiah kills the hunters before they set off the explosives. Enoch’s voice emits from Isaiah. Fitz’ old friend stole Isaiah’s skin in order to infiltrate the hunters. He has a plan to help combat the hunters, but Fitz and Simmons aren’t going to like it.

Yo-Yo asks Daisy to kill her if she turns. She doesn’t think Mack has the heart to do it.

Death Holds No Power

Izel enters the First Three’s chamber to find only May within, standing with sword in hand. Izel isn’t surprised. Life and death have no meaning in this realm. May threatens to disintegrate Izel as she did to the First Three and the two break out their blades. Izel subdues May and inserts the amulets, opening the gate, before returning to the temple. She did what she needed to do.

The Zephyr lands and Mack, Daisy, Yo-Yo and Deke head toward Sarge. Deke hangs back as a Shrike decoy while the rest confront Sarge. Daisy’s blasts only serve to show them the beast within Sarge, blowing his physical form away. Neither she nor Mack is able to take down Sarge and things get worse when Yo-Yo is taken over by the Shrike. Izel returns to revel in their victory, but she isn’t alone. May returns as well, killing Izel. Her death shuts the gate and frees all of the Shrike hosts, including Yo-Yo. Mack takes the blade and cuts Sarge in half. The fight is over.

Daisy takes a dying May in her arms. May’s hopes that there might be a bit of Coulson within Sarge didn’t come true, but she’ll still see him soon. She dies in her arms, but the group has no time to mourn. Simmons and a swathe of technicians enter the temple to retrieve them and core samples of the monoliths. Simmons promises that May will be fine, placing her in a pod similar to the one that once housed Fitz, as she welcomes them into an upgraded ship. They learn that the Lighthouse has fallen and that Simmons and Fitz cannot know where the other is in order to protect them against the hunters.

The ship jumps to an unknown location, but they soon identify the Empire State Building. They’re in New York. But not present-day New York. The Empire State Building is still under construction. They jumped through time and space. But that isn’t the only surprise. Simmons also reveals an LMD-upgraded recreation of Coulson, infused with the agency’s recent history, to help them fight their invaders. Coulson steps out of his chamber and greets his team. The big guy is back, kind of.

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