Superhero Hype’s Best Amazon Holiday Deal Day 2022 Specials 

It’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween…but that doesn’t stop retailers from looking toward the winter holidays of gift-giving. This week, Amazon will host two days of epic holiday deals, Oct 11-12. We just couldn’t wait for Tuesday, though, and neither could Amazon. So enjoy these early deals that are up right now! Please note that all deals are subject to change or sell out at any time based on supply and demand. Here are the best holiday deal day 2022 specials.

American Gods: Season 1 [Blu-ray]



Enjoying The Sandman on Netflix? It might be time to check out another tale of endlessly living, all-powerful beings written by Neil Gaiman. In the first season of American Gods, take a road trip across America meeting old, familiar deities, along with some who are older and forgotten and others who recently came into being. Starring Ricky Whittle, Michael Green, Emily Browning, Pablo Schreiber, Gillian Anderson, Ian McShane, and Peter Stormare.

DC Multiverse Superman DC Rebirth 7″ Action Figure with Accessories


Grab a nice, basic Superman figure at an affordable price, with clear flight stand for levitation/flying effects. As depicted in the DC Rebirth story arc, this Kal-El lacks the red undies, but still sports a belt and cape. Includes a trading card with additional background.

McFarlane Toys The Princess Bride Fezzik Mega Action Figure with Accessories


Anybody want a peanut? Andre the Giant was a hated villain when The Princess Bride came out, but his performance as the sweet-natured Fezzik made many fans forgive him. McFarlane‘s megafig has all the extra bulk and heft a giant demands, along with a boulder to smash and an extra-large legume.

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS Marvel Select: Human Torch Action Figure


Flame on! Diamond Select‘s Human Torch features all-translucent parts to catch the light and look hot. Includes fireballs, alternate head, and a base to make Johnny Cash flinch.

LEGO NINJAGO Temple of The Endless Sea 71755 Building Kit; Underwater Playset Featuring NINJAGO Kai and Snake Toy


Ten inches high by 22 wide, this underwater temple allows for deep battles in the lair of a captured sea serpent! Per the official description, “Includes 7 minifigures: Scuba Kai, NRG Nya, Glutinous, Prince Kalmaar, Prince Benthomaar and 2 Maaray Guards to give kids all they need to stage death-defying battles under the sea. The temple toy features a laboratory, prison, submarine, manta ray, the sea serpent Wojira in chains, plus 2 amulets with a display unit.”

Gearbox Publishing Godfall: Ascended Edition – PlayStation 5 Ascended Edition


Don Zodiac-inspired armors in the realms of Earth, Air, and Water. As part of the Knight’s Order, it’s up to you to prevent an apocalyptic event. In this special edition, gain several in-game gold skins and accessories to augment your quest. Level up, learn new skills, and master all weapon classes.

The Ninja Saviors – Return of The Warriors – Nintendo Switch


Who wouldn’t want to play an android ninja? Alone or with a friend, slice and compute through enemy hordes in a ’90s-style beat-em-up. An original soundtrack and 16-bit graphics bring the retro party to you.

The Sandman Omnibus Vol. 1


Enter the dreaming, where it all began. Morpheus is trapped for decades while a bizarre sleeping sickness consumes the Earth. But once the sacred circle is broken and he breaks free, he has several key mystical objects to retrieve. One of three volumes collecting the complete run, this massive volume collects the first 37 issues, which is three times what the TV show has covered, more or less.

Madly, Deeply: The Diaries of Alan Rickman Hardcover


Find out what Alan Rickman really thought of Harry Potter, how he tried to get out of the series early, and what he knew about Snape and how soon. These and many more anecdotes appear in the late actor’s diaries, and hey, maybe you’ll find out whether or not he thinks Die Hard is a Christmas movie. This certainly makes a good Christmas gift for die-hard Rickman fans, regardless.

Star Trek: Discovery – Season Two [Blu-ray]



See where Strange New Worlds began, as the crew of the Discovery encounter Captain Pike and the original Enterprise. Having survived war with the hairless Klingons, Michael Burnham must rescue her rogue brother Spock, and save both the present and the future from the Control virus. By the end of this season, fans found out why nobody from the past ever mentioned Discovery again, as it flew far into the future.

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