Superhero Hype’s Best Entertainment Earth Preorders – PulseCon 2022

It’s time once again to explore this site’s partnership with a retailer more specifically focused on collectibles and superhero items, many of which prove impossible to procure on non-specialty sites. Entertainment Earth serves as home to many figures, statues, exclusives and more, tailored to our specific interests. And not just that — they also have several great deals going on at any given time. For this special edition of the guide, we’re going to look at the best preorders of items announced and revealed at the recent Hasbro PulseCon 2022. Note that for any orders over $39, shipping is always free with the code FREE22.

Star Wars The Black Series Return of the Jedi 40th Anniversary 6-Inch Figures Wave 1 Case of 5


Grab all five announced Return of the Jedi 40th anniversary 6-inch figures at once on large ’80s-style photo cards, including the first single-carded Scout Trooper, Endor Leia, and Endor Han. Skiff Guard Lando features photo-real deco, and Wicket comes with extra accessories to fill out the package. Yub nub!

Indiana Jones Adventure Series Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones 6-inch Action Figure


Armed with the idol and the bullwhip, this first appearance Indiana Jones 6-inch figure might steal your heart as easily as he would an ancient civilization’s treasure. But he’s also really, really good at punching Nazis.

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark Retro Collection Indiana Jones 3 3/4-Inch Action Figure


Prefer your figures to look like they belong in a museum? This reproduction of the 1980s Kenner action figure includes the knee joints and spring-loaded quick-draw action. Hasbro also promises the thumbs won’t break off like they used to. And at $14.99, he doesn’t require a fortune (and glory) to obtain.

G.I. Joe Classified Series 6-Inch CRIMSON B.A.T. Action Figure


Surprisingly, the first G.I. Joe figure to sell out at Hasbro Pulse after their panel was this guy. Redecoed for Cobra’s Crimson Guard, and issued to Tomax and Xamot personally, the Crimson Battle Android Trooper, doesn’t just have fashion sense, but also interchangeable battle-damage parts. As with regular BATs, his forearms switch out with other weapons and accessories too.

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Zord Ascension Project In Space Astro Megazord 1:144 Scale Action Figure


At last, a Zord that actually morphs! Turn the Power Rangers in Space‘s starship into a Megazord for battling evil. Deluxe articulation adds superior poseability, and the sculpt features detail level even greater than on the actual prop.

X-Men Marvel Legends Mojo Deluxe 6-Inch Action Figure


Freed from his deluxe Comic-Con set, the grotesque, TV-obsessed villain in his spider-legs chair can now be had by himself for a lower price. But are you watching him, or is he watching you?

Black Panther Wakanda Forever Marvel Legends Deluxe Ironheart 6-Inch Action Figure


Before Ironheart on Disney+, Riri Williams blasts into Wakanda with her Tony Stark-inspired armor. Bonus accessories assist her action poses, with repulsor and exhaust blasts and a strap-on cannon. Switch out her helmeted head for an authentic Dominique Thorne likeness.

Fortnite Victory Royale Raptor Action Figures Wave 1 Case of 4


Did velociraptors have scales? Maybe feathers? Fortnite isn’t confined by the laws of nature, so why not both? Grab yourself four of these fierce dinos to help build a squad, and confound anyone who doesn’t think that life, ah, finds a way.

X-Men Marvel Legends Retro 6-Inch Action Figures Wave 1 Case of 6


Pick up these X-Men on cards inspired by the old Toy Biz figures. Wolverine, Multiple Man, Spiral, Lonmgshot, Dark Phoenix — why choose just one? Grab all six at 25 a pop.

Star Wars The Black Series Luthen Rael (Andor) 6-Inch Action Figure


The Hasbro Marvel team may have beaten the Star Wars folks to making a Richard E. Grant action figure, but Star Wars got Stellan Skarsgard to plastic more quickly. And honestly, even folks who don’t care for Andor are going to need the ubiquitous character actor’s sneering, scowly face on their shelves. Hairpiece not (yet) included, sadly. Fingers crossed that we’ll get Coruscant Luthen as well.

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