Superhero Hype’s Best Entertainment Earth Deals for May 27

You’ve enjoyed, and possibly made use of, our Amazon deal guides. Now Superhero Hype partners with a retailer more specifically focused on collectibles and superhero items, many of which prove impossible to procure on non-specialty sites. Entertainment Earth serves as home to many figures, statues, exclusives and more, tailored to our specific interests. And not just that — they also have several great deals going on at any given time. In this guide, take a look at some of the best deals for May 27 that they offer, either in price, selection, or both, as of publication time. All deals subject to end without notice.

Transformers War for Cybertron Siege Rainmakers Seekers 3-Pack – Exclusive – Free Shipping


Decepticon jets were never quite this color-coded before. Build your evil Cybertronian aerial army with WFC-S52 Seeker Acid Storm, WFC-S53 Seeker Ion Storm, and WFC-S54 Seeker Nova Storm. All in bright primary colors, because they don’t care if Autobots see them coming.

Lord of the Rings Balrog vs. Gandalf Figural Light – Power Up With Paladone! Buy One, Get One 40% Off!


Nothing delivers sweet dreams like a flaming demon night light. But never fear — Gandalf shall not let him pass! Light your room like the Mines of Moria with this crucial battle from The Lord of the Rings. And when you buy one, get the second (or any other Paladone lamp or product) for 40% off!

Masters of the Universe Man-At-Arms 1:6 Scale Action Figure – Limited Edition – Free Shipping


Excited by the new upcoming Hordak figure? Might be time to go back and pick up some of the sixth-scale Masters of the Universe you missed. Man-at-Arms gets a restock soon, so bring home Duncan and his arsenal of weapons, still at the original price.

Star Wars The Black Series Sith Jet Trooper 6-Inch Action Figure


The Final Order’s flying troops couldn’t win their big battle, but at least they looked cool doing it. Build out Palpatine’s last army with this discounted scarlet soldier.

X-Men Marvel Legends 6-Inch Weapon X Action Figure


Nearly nude Logan is back in stock! Unleash the beast within with his savage head, or subdue his instincts with the helmeted head. The pre-Wolverine can still hack and slash, but his mind has yet to recover. And his body hair could use a good waxing.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt Eredin Breacc Glas Series 1 Action Figure


McFarlane Toys brings the antagonist of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt into three dimensions. The Aen Elle elf and commander of the elven cavalry known as the Wild Hunt, the savage warrior Eredin will prove a worthy challenge for Geralt of Rivia. And he’s on sale!

Starship Troopers Tanker Bug 6-Inch Deluxe Pop! Vinyl Figure – 2020 Convention Exclusive


That’s a big bug. And it’s mighty pissed that militaristic humans began to invade its space. But now all-out war has ensued, and who can tell who the real bad guys are? Starship Troopers is like that, which may be why it doesn’t get many toys. So grab this one.

Star Wars The Black Series Tech 6-Inch Action Figure


The computer-savviest of The Bad Batch is a fan site exclusive, featuring removable helmet, blaster, and a fully stocked tool belt.

Dino-Riders Rulon Warriors Battle Pack – Entertainment Earth Exclusive


Let the Dino-Riders battle the Rulons once more. This time, in tiny battle squads! In the style of classic green army men, six dinosaurs come with riders and escorts to battle for primeval Earth. Will the humans triumph, or the evil space reptiles? You decide.

Masters of the Universe Origins Scare Glow Action Figure


Everyone loves a glowing skeleton. In every incarnation of Masters of the Universe, Scare Glow figures prove popular for this reason. The “evil ghost serving Skeletor” never appeared in the cartoons, but will play a role in the upcoming Revelation. The spirit of a thief, released from a parallel dimension, Scare Glow paralyzes heroes with his glow so Skeletor can capture them. Also, he looks like the Grim Reaper on steroids, which seems mildly intimidating.

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