Superhero Hype’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide For Toys and Collectibles

Santa Claus still brings toys to big girls and boys (and those who identify otherwise), but they’re bigger, rarer, and more valuable. Also not as easy to find at retail, since grown-up collectors get to visit and stake out stores with a frequency kids can’t match. We’ve scoured Amazon and other sites for some of the best superhero stuff in this department, but be warned. Toys and collectibles are more subject than most items in our guides to sell out. As of the time of writing, however, everything in our toys and collectibles holiday gift guide 2020, below, remained in stock.

Marvel legends Venompool Build-a-Figure wave


Finally, a movie-styled Venom action figure to remind us of the most bonkers mainstream superhero movie since Deadpool. Perhaps appropriately, then, the build-a-figure in this wave is a massive Venom/Deadpool hybrid. The rest of the wave includes future movie star Morbius, and a handful of other symbiotes, from Venomized Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales to a new Carnage.

Star Wars The Black Series Snowspeeder Vehicle with Dak Ralter Figure 6-Inch-Scale


The 6-inch scale Star Wars Black Series rarely produces vehicles above the size of a basic speeder, since they have to be so large and detailed. But now the Rebel Snowspeeder proves a worthy foe for the previous TIE Fighter release, with retractable landing gear, harpoon and cable. And an exclusive figure of Luke’s doomed gunner Dak. Clear some shelf space; it’ll be worth it.

Transformers Toys Studio Series 69 Revenge of The Fallen Devastator Constructicon Action Figures 8-Pack


Why run around trying to collect all eight movie Constructicons and worry about keeping the instructions straight? Grab them all in one shot with this boxed set that allows for a Devastator build right out of the box. No, he does not sport that particular bit of anatomy referenced in Revenge of the Fallen, but the details are otherwise scanned from original special effects models. And he can also appear as eight separate robots or vehicles. Includes exclusive giant pyramid display backdrop sized for a combiner.

Marvel Legends Luke Cage & Claire Temple 2 Pack Exclusive


Rosario Dawson action figure. Half price. Do we have to spell this out? Ahsoka Tano customizers are going to figure this out soon, so work fast.

Dune Action Figures (Target Exclusive)

$19.99 each

Dune won’t see theatrical release for at least another year, but the toys are here already. Toys from David Lynch’s ’80s Dune remain highly sought after; grab these now while Denis Villeneuve’s version remains a relatively unknown quantity. Besides, how often do we see the likes of Timothee Chalamet and Javier Bardem rendered in poseable plastic?

The Batman Who Laughs Rising | Cooperative Board Game | Featuring DC Comics Heroes and Villains – Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Batman, Harley Quinn, The Flash, Cyborg | Licensed Batman Game


DC’s favorite new villain, a crazed Bruce Wayne infected with Joker Venom, seeks to unleash Barbatos and all the villains of the Dark Multiverse. In this board game, players must work together to build up a team of heroes and allies to stop him. Suggested for 1-4 players ages 15 and up, the game also includes an exclusive miniature collectible figurine of the Bat-villain and three of his infected evil Robins.

Hot Toys The Mandalorian (Sideshow)


Anyone with the cash to shell out for a Hot Toys figure has many choices, but the safest bets are the most iconic characters. So it’s hard to go wrong with Din Djarin as he first appeared on everyone’s favorite Baby Yoda show. Standing on a desert base that includes a Stormtrooper head on a pike, the Mandalorian includes an interchangeable shoulder pauldron, show-accurate weapons, and incredible detail and articulation. And unlike the Bounty Hunter’s Guild, Sideshow’s website allows a monthly payment plan.

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Earth -52 Batman (Red Death) and The Flash 7″ Action Figure Multipack


McFarlane Toys DC figures have mostly knocked it out of the park this year, and while we’re using fastball metaphors, how about this Flash two-pack? Get the classic hero plus his evil Batman counterpart from the Dark Multiverse, on a rocky display base that holds both. They’re…ahem…going fast, so act now.

Catwoman 1/6 Scale Figure – Mondo Exclusive



The Batman animated series Selina Kyle gets her most elaborate rendition yet in Mondo’s 12-inch figure of Catwoman. She comes with two cats, two whips, jewels, handcuffs, multiple hands, four heads, and more! Order directly from Mondo to obtain the exclusive unmasked portrait.

Baby Yoda Chia Pet


Everyone’s favorite space child now lets fans grow greenery in his floating pram. Maybe he’ll become a vegetarian and stay away from frog eggs in the future.

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