Superhero Hype’s Best Amazon Game Deals for July 31


Families need to play together, and game suggestions are at hand. Be they video, board, or based on same, our guide wants to aid your fun time. In this ongoing series, Superhero Hype takes a look at some of the better deals has running as of publication time. Please note that all deals are subject to change or sell out at any time based on supply and demand.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake – PlayStation 4

Take Cloud Strife through a rebuilt Midgar in this expansion of the first part of 1997’s console classic. Experience what Gamespot calls “a smart mashup of action and RPG gameplay to deliver a must-play experience.” Now that it’s 17% off, you can discover deeper backstories, master fighting styles, and unleash otherworldly powers to defeat Shinra.

Destroy All Humans! – Xbox One

Yes, aliens and UFOS are real. Play as one in this retro sci-fi adventure from the invaders’ point of view, and infiltrate Area 51 armed with an anal probe gun. And it all already happened in the ’50s, so nothing here will damage the timestream…too badly. At 15% off, it’s a real blast.

VANKYO Gaming Headset CM7000 with Authentic 7.1 Surround Sound Stereo

This multiple platform compatible gaming headset is designed for premium comfort and immersiveness. And it’s a steal for $25.49, down from around $70. A 24 month guarantee and three-month free return period sweeten the deal.

New Battle Royal Toy Figures Set – Heroes from Fort Battle Royal – Gift for Boys and Girls

These are not LEGO Fortnite minifigs. They cannot be, since LEGO and Fortnite do not have a deal in place. What they are is construction playset-compatible characters, who happen to look like a pink teddy bear, tomato head, white-suited guy with a playing card mask, and more. Maybe they seem familiar. Legally, they are not.

Idea Nuova Pokemon Die Cut Double Shade Table Lamp, Yellow

Pikachu peeks out from a jagged opening in this stylish Pokemon lamp with die cut double shade. You choose it; it chooses you. Complete with Pokeball-and-chain activation, this illuminator says that its owner wants to be the very best.

Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots Batman v Superman [Amazon Exclusive]

For anyone who didn’t like that the movie fight stopped when Clark yelled out “Martha!” this Rock ’em Sock ’em set allows kids of all ages to see the battle through. To obtain a different Batman V Superman outcome than Zack Snyder got, play until one hero flies off the platform. For extra realism, the loser can blame Joss Whedon for everything.

Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2021 (M21) Bundle | 10 Booster Packs + 40 Lands (190 Cards) | Accessories

Kickstart or augment any Magic collection with 10 Booster Packs, 40 lands (20 foil, 20 regular), a foil promo card, 1 oversized spindown life counter, 2 reference cards, and 1 reusable storage box. Includes iconic cards from the past and new favorites, at a cost of $30.97, an 11% markdown.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Nintendo Switch

Everyone knows what Mario Kart is, right? So does $10 off sound good?

Lego Marvel Collection – PlayStation 4

Three Marvel games in one! Enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Marvel’s Avengers! Then command vast rosters of heroes against comic villains like Kang the Conqueror in Marvel Super Heroes 1 and 2. It’s $19.93 for the triptych, and a bargain for budding Hulks whose favorite thing about LEGO is to smash.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Series Gamerverse 6-inch Collectible Ms. Marvel Action Figure Toy, Ages 4 and Up

Marvel’s first major female Muslim hero of color tends not to see action figure form all that often. Right now, though, snag her for slightly under suggested retail in her current video game attire. Kamala Khan comes with interchangeable hands, and an Abomination torso that combines with parts from other figures to build the arch-villain. Order quickly before they sell out, so you won’t be like Captain Kirk, empty-handed and screaming “KHAAAAAAAAN!”

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