New Captain Marvel #1 Variant Covers Revealed

Marvel Comics has revealed all of the covers that will ship with the first issue of its upcoming Captain Marvel relaunch.

At this time, the House of Ideas has unveiled new cover art for October’s Captain Marvel #1 — including a variant cover by Jen Bartel, another variant by Joshua “Sway” Swaby, and a “Negative Space” variant by John Tyler Christopher. These are in addition to previously revealed covers, such as the foil variant by David Nakayama, the Marvel Zombies-themed Stormbreakers variant by series artist Jan Bazaldua, the “New Champions” variant by Paco Medina, and — of course — the main cover by Stephen Segovia.

Check out all nine covers for Captain Marvel #1 below:

Earth’s Mightiest Hero gets a fresh start this October

Marvel‘s new Captain Marvel series is written by Alyssa Wong and illustrated by the aforementioned Bazaldua. The big bad of the relaunch is the Undone, a “horrific cosmic entity” that seeks to consume Earth. If the Undone wants to achieve this goal, however, it will have to get rid of the planet’s mightiest hero.

In order to take Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel off the board, the Undone sends its harbinger: another new villain known as the Omen. However, while Carol as a new archenemy in the form of the Omen, she also has a new ally in the form of Yuna Yang — a “street-smart young thief” who represents Captain Marvel’s only hope of taking the fight to the Undone.

Alyssa Wong and Jan Bazaldua talk Captain Marvel

“I’m so excited to be writing Captain Marvel!” Wong said of the new series. “Carol is such an iconic character with a rich history, and I can’t wait to add to her story. It’s an honor to work with Jan and I hope everyone enjoys what we’ve got coming!”

“Captain Marvel is one of my favorite female characters, that’s why I’m very excited to draw her,” Bazaldua added. “I have always seen her as a very self-confident woman with nothing she cannot face, and not just because she has super-powers, but because she has inner strength. That’s what I really enjoy about her and why I really appreciate this opportunity!”

Captain Marvel #1 goes on sale Wednesday, October 25 from Marvel Comics.

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