Captain Marvel Shines on Issue #1 Foil Variant Cover

Marvel Comics has revealed artist David Nakayama’s foil variant cover for the upcoming Captain Marvel #1.

This October, Marvel is relaunching Captain Marvel with writer Alyssa Wong and artist Jan Bazaldua. Nakayama’s foil variant for issue #1 shows Carol Danvers taking flight against a golden backdrop. Earth’s Mightiest Hero can also be seen sporting her all-new costume, which was designed by Jen Bartel.

Check out David Nakayama’s foil variant cover for Captain Marvel #1 below:

What to expect from Captain Marvel’s new series

“HIGHEST, FURTHEST, FASTEST! The Captain gets a permanent glow-up designed by superstar artist Jen Bartel! And that’s not all that’s changed. Brand-new look — brand-new creative team — and a brand-new status quo,” an official synopsis for October’s Captain Marvel #1 reads.

“Carol Danvers is one of the powerhouses of the Marvel Universe, a woman capable of harnessing the energy of the sun,” it continues. “So if you’re coming for Earth? She’s the first one you take off the board. Someone’s figured just how to do just that. Introducing a new supporting cast and villains both beloved and dangerously fresh, Alyssa Wong and Jan Bazaldua’s exhilarating series kicks off here!”

“I’m so excited to be writing Captain Marvel!” Wong said of the relaunch. “Carol is such an iconic character with a rich history, and I can’t wait to add to her story. It’s an honor to work with Jan and I hope everyone enjoys what we’ve got coming!”

Carol Danvers, the original Ms. Marvel, has been the Marvel Universe’s Captain Marvel since 2012. Her most recent eponymous ongoing solo series was written by Kelly Thompson. It ran for a total of 50 issues from January 2019 to June 2023.

Wong and Bazaldua’s Captain Marvel #1 goes on sale Wednesday, October 25. The issue features a main cover by Stephen Segovia.

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