Exclusive Preview: X-Force #37

Since the beginning of the Dawn of X, the mutant nation of Krakoa has been threatened by a new enemy: The Man with the Peacock Tattoo. In the first issues of X-Force, the man in question mutilated Domino and struck a blow against Krakoa. Now, the team is prepared to bring the fight to their unseen enemy. However, in X-Force #37, the team is about to learn that another trap has been set.

Currently, the X-Force team is comprised of Deadpool, Domino, Omega Red, Sage, and their boss, Beast. Regardless, Beast has betrayed their trust too many times and he’s on thin ice with the team. It was Beast who came up with a plan to trap The Man with the Peacock Tattoo with a resurrection egg from The Five. But even Beast couldn’t predict that their foe can actually use it thanks to a previously unknown telepathic child who is under his control.

In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview for X-Force #37, writer Benjamin Percy and artist Robert Gill catch up with the team as they wait for the tracking device on the egg to lead them to The Man with the Peacock Tattoo. And Deadpool manages to annoy everyone yet again. But compared to what’s waiting for them, the team may soon wish they stayed at home.

Here’s the official description from Marvel:

“WHO IS THE MAN WITH THE PEACOCK TATTOO? At last – learn the truth about the man behind the mask who’s been plaguing X-FORCE since 2019’s issue #1! X-fans new and old will reel from this startling revelation. Collectors and readers alike – don’t miss this key issue!”

You can read the full preview in our gallery below. X-Force #37 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, February 1.

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