Elektra’s Crusade Continues in Daredevil: Woman Without Fear

It’s been almost a full year since Elektra began filling in for Matt Murdock as Daredevil while her ex-lover serves out a two-year prison sentence. But it doesn’t look like she’s planning to give up being Daredevil anytime soon. In fact, Marvel is about to give Elektra a new three-issue miniseries that puts her new identity front and center.

Appropriately titled Daredevil: Woman Without Fear, the series finds Elektra struggling to uphold her recent vow not to kill. The story comes from Daredevil scribe Chip Zdarsky and current Black Widow artist Rafael de Latorre. Whatever the creators are cooking up, it has significant ties to the Devil’s Reign event launching in December. That new miniseries will pit all of New York’s heroes (including Elektra) against the Kingpin after he uses his powers as Mayor to reveal “shocking truths” about the city’s vigilantes.

The logline for Woman Without Fear also teases that Elektra will lock horns with the “greatest hunter” in the Marvel Universe, hinting that a showdown with Kraven might be in store. Zdarksy also recently spoke with ComicBook.com to tease Elektra’s latest beef with Wilson Fisk.

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“When we were planning out Devil’s Reign, it became apparent early on that Elektra’s story is too big to be contained in the main series!” said Zdarsky. “Wilson Fisk has unearthed her darkest secret and I’m super excited for readers to see the fallout in this series!”

Zdarksy also sung the praises of his new collaborator, de Latorre: “Rafael is a real revelation as an artist. Crisp, well-orchestrated storytelling and a beautiful eye for emotion. I genuinely think they’re the next big artist from Marvel! His Elektra is perfect!”

Daredevil: Woman Without Fear #1 hits comic shops in January.

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