Frank Miller Returns to Daredevil With New Variant Cover

Legendary Daredevil writer/artist Frank Miller has crafted a new variant cover featuring the Man Without Fear for Marvel Comics.

This September, Marvel is relaunching its main Daredevil series, with writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Aaron Kuder taking the reins once writer Chip Zdarsky’s run on the title wraps up. The House of Ideas has now revealed Miller’s variant cover for Ahmed and Kuder’s Daredevil #1, featuring the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen in the cartoonist’s signature style.

The Daredevil cover marks the latest in Miller’s recent series of Marvel variants, which mark the award-winning creator’s first work for the publisher in three decades. This new collaboration kicked off last August, when Miller drew The Thing for a Fantastic Four variant. He has since tackled characters like Blade, Loki, Moon Knight, and Wolverine.

Frank Miller’s Daredevil legacy

Miller, of course, is one of the most influential creators in Daredevil’s long history. He began drawing Daredevil in 1979, joining writer Roger McKenzie on the book. Miller took over writing duties in 1981, with inker Klaus Janson joining the fray as well. During his run, Miller introduced some major characters to the Matt Murdock mythos, most notably Elektra and Stick. He also helped to redefine existing characters like Bullseye and the Kingpin.

In 1986, writer Miller teamed with artist David Mazzucchelli for the “Born Again” story arc, which is largely considered to be one of the Sensational Blind Swashbuckler’s defining tales. Then, in 1993, Miller joined forces with artist John Romita Jr. for Daredevil: The Man Without Fear, a five-issue miniseries revamping the eponymous hero’s origin story. Comics like The Man Without Fear and “Born Again” would go on to inspire the acclaimed Netflix original series Marvel’s Daredevil.

Daredevil #1 by Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder will be available in comic shops on Sept. 13. The issue features a main cover by the aforementioned John Romita Jr.