Daredevil’s New Series Will Be a ‘Gritty, Grown-Up Book About Grown-Up Problems,’ Says Writer

Saladin Ahmed, writer of Marvel Comics’ upcoming Daredevil run, is readying fans for a “gritty” and “grown-up” new series.

Speaking with ComicBook, Ahmed was asked what writing Daredevil was like compared to The Magnificent Ms. Marvel and Miles Morales: Spider-Man, both of which revolve around teenage superheroes who are frequently dealing with pubescent (in addition to world-ending and cosmic) problems.

“Yeah, there’s definitely a big tonal shift from writing say, Kamala Khan, to writing Matt,” Ahmed answered. “This is a gritty, grown-up book about grown-up problems, more akin to my work on Black Bolt. That said, I’ve always found grittiness without heart to be cheap and boring. So I’m absolutely aiming to show some light and decency amid all the grisly darkness readers come to Daredevil for.”

Matt Murdock’s new era begins in September 2023 with Daredevil #1

Hot off the heels of Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto’s recently concluded run, Daredevil #1 arrives in September 2023. The series is being illustrated by Aaron Kuder and colored by Matt Wilson.

“BORN AGAIN,” the solicitation for Daredevil #1 reads. “The new era of Daredevil starts here! Industry stars Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder have laced up and entered the ring, ready to take Matt Murdock on a knockout of an adventure! Where does Elektra fit into all of this? What is the future of Hell’s Kitchen? Romance! Intrigue! And, of course, ACTION! All delivered in the Mighty Marvel Manner!”

Ahmed further explained they’re “trying to keep cards close to the chest” in order to surprise readers with all the twists and turns Daredevil’s new story takes; however, he noted the “central conceit” of the series plays off the ending of Zdarsky and Checchetto’s run, which saw Matt become a priest.

Featuring cover art by John Romita Jr. and variants by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, Alexander Lozano, Pepe Larraz, Kuder, Whilce Portacio, and Frank Miller, Daredevil #1 arrives on September 13, 2023 from Marvel Comics.