Exclusive First Look At Mat Groom and Erica D’Urso’s Inferno Girl Red

There’s a new heroine coming to Apex City later this week, as Mat Groom and artist Erica D’Urso launch a Kickstarter campaign for their new original graphic novel, Inferno Girl Red. The story follows Cássia Costa, the new Inferno Girl Red, as she inherits the role when a magical dragon bracelet attaches itself to her arm.

Cássia doesn’t want to be a hero. However, she doesn’t have much of a choice. A demonic cult is on the verge of sacrificing Apex City to their dark lord, and Cássia is the only one who can stop them. Unfortunately, Cássia’s new powers are dependent upon her belief in them. In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview from Inferno Girl Red, Cássia’s lack of belief puts her life in danger. If she can’t find something to believe in, her career as a heroine is going to be very short.

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Inferno Girl Red is the fusion of American style teenage superheroes and .Japanese Tokusatsu superheroes. Groom and D’Urso will be joined by colorist Igor Monti, letterer Becca Carey, editor Kyle Higgins, and design group For The People. Here’s the official description for the graphic novel:

“In INFERNO GIRL RED, Cássia’s not shy– but bouncing around from city-to-city as her Mom bounced from job-to-job meant it was hard to make friends… and any friends she did make disappeared pretty quickly once they found out who Cássia’s mother was. So instead of socialising, she focused on learning– showing a particular aptitude for science. Now Cássia has a chance for a fresh start in Apex City. Her impressive test scores have earned her an invitation to the world-famous entrepreneur Doctor Janine Caro’s prestigious boarding school for promising young minds. There, Cássia starts to settle in. She starts to make friends. She starts to see a future for herself.

But when a magical bracelet blasts through a window while Cássia is studying late one night, everything changes. Cássia’s quickly drawn into a strange war that she previously only heard about from her mother…”

The Inferno Girl Red Kickstarter campaign will launch on Tuesday, March 30. You can check it out here.

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