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Superhero Hype’s Best Amazon Deals For August 21, 2019

Superhero Hype’s Best Amazon Deals For August 21, 2019

Another week means another gathering of stellar books available at some very appealing prices. This week’s selection is a bit more of a grab bag, but the spectrum fully displays the breadth of the medium. From re-imagined classics to modern wonders, there truly is something for comics fans of any ilk. Here are Superhero Hype’s best Amazon deals for August 21, 2019.

Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

Let’s kick things off with an adaptation of one of the more memorable works of 20th-century non-fiction. Well, as non-fiction as deep drug benders can be. Hunter S. Thompson’s wild tale of Vegas debauchery and existential crisis gets the comic treatment, introducing the cult classic to a new generation. Pick it up at a 45% discount.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 1: Cosmic Avengers

Remember that time Iron Man joined the  Guardians of the Galaxy and headed out into space? Brian Michael Bendis’ run with Marvel’s cosmic misfits holds up against his other celebrated works. Bendis steered the team through its return to relevance before and after their entrance into the MCU. You can follow the story from the beginning by picking up this collection for 80% on Kindle and 20% off in hardcover.

The Spire

We couldn’t get enough of Simon Spurrier after including Coda on last week’s list. Good thing Boom! Studios’ sale is still ongoing. This week we’re highlighting Spurrier’s fantasy noir limited series The Spire. This story of murder, persecution and political intrigue would be a valued addition to any comics aficionado looking for yet another example of engrossing storytelling. Good thing the entire series is available in paperback at nearly 40% off.

Spawn: The Dark Ages Complete Collection

Todd McFarlane’s demonic avenger ruled the angular and hyper-violent 90s comic scene. But Spawn was one of the few to survive as the industry moved forward. But that story couldn’t be contained to the modern era. Enter Spawn: The Dark Ages. Chronicling the return of Lord Revenant during the age of the Crusades, this 12th-century reimagining stands up to its long-running modern counterpart. Grab all 28 issues and plenty of behind-the-scenes content on Kindle for 69% off.

Spider-Man’s Tangled Web Omnibus

The recent Spider-Man news undoubtedly has all of us bummed. But, lucky for us, there are plenty of other imaginative stories to revisit while Sony and Disney hash out a deal. Unique among them is the short-lived Tangled Web series. The anthology brought renowned writers with little experience writing Spidey stories (Ennis, Milligan, Rucka). The book wrapped up in 2003, but every issue has been collected in a pristine hardcover at a 40% discount.

What deals have you spotted on Amazon this week? Let us know in the comment section below!