DC: Dark Legion Trailer Teases a Batman Who Laughs Mobile Game

FunPlus and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have announced DC: Dark Legion, a new mobile game featuring The Batman Who Laughs as its main antagonist.

A teaser trailer for DC: Dark Legion shows The Batman Who Laughs walking through a dark corridor and holding a golden figurine of Superman. “When darkness falls and people need hope, they turn to their heroes,” the villain says. “Isn’t that funny?” The artwork used as the trailer’s thumbnail shows some of the other DC characters players can expect to see in the game. These include Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Shazam, and Harley Quinn, as well as what appears to be Green Lantern, the Flash, and Blue Beetle. Of course, the OG versions of Batman and the Joker are also present and accounted for.

Check out the teaser trailer for DC: Dark Legion below:

“Earth has never faced a crisis its heroes couldn’t solve. Until now,” an official description for DC: Dark Legion reads. “When a massive tower rises out of nowhere in the heart of Metropolis, the rest of the world reacts as if it’s another one of the crisis events they’ve seen before. People are concerned, but confident Superman and the Justice League will keep them safe. And that’s how they feel until Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and several other heroes enter the area around the Tower … and don’t come back. It seems the dark times have barely just begun…”

More information regarding DC: Dark Legion will be revealed at a later date. FunPlus’ previous mobile games include such titles as State of Survival, King of Avalon, Guns of Glory, and Call of Antia.

Who is The Batman Who Laughs?

Created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, The Batman Who Laughs first appeared in Dark Days: The Casting #1, which was published in 2017 as a prelude to the Dark Nights: Metal event. He hails from Earth -22 of Dark Multiverse. He is a horrific amalgamation of Batman and his arch-nemesis, the Joker.

“He’s basically Batman’s worst nightmare come to life: Batman, if he was infected by the Joker toxin and lost all sense of ethics,” Snyder said of The Batman Who Laughs in 2018. “What he wants to do in Gotham is bring Bruce’s worst nightmares to life.”