The Future is Under Attack in DC’s Legion of Super-Heroes Trailer

Past and future are about to collide in the next DC animated original movie. Beginning in 2020, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment hit the reset button on its direct-to-video DC projects, with Superman: Man of Tomorrow launching a brand new continuity. But now, the universe’s reach is expanding all the way to the 31st century. WB has released the first Legion of Super-Heroes trailer, previewing the latest installment in DC’s animated Tomorrowverse franchise. You can check it out for yourself below.

The new film stars Meg Donnelly (The Winchesters) as the voice of Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, who travels 1,000 years into the future to attend the Legion Academy at the urging of her cousin, Clark Kent/Superman (Darren Criss). Once she arrives, Kara meets a vast assortment of young heroes-in-training, including Mon-El, Dawnstar, Bouncing Boy, and Shadow Lass. She also encounters Brainiac 5, a descendant of the infamous villain from her own time period. But there seems to be more to Brainiac 5 than meets the eye.

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Batman (Jensen Ackles) also makes an appearance in the trailer. But surprisingly, he doesn’t have much faith in the film’s lead heroine. In a heated conversation with Superman, the Dark Knight observes that Kara’s lack of control over her abilities makes her dangerous, creating a rift between himself and the Man of Steel. Regardless, there won’t be much time for them to argue, because the team of masked supervillains known as the Dark Circle have their eyes on a mysterious artifact locked behind the Academy’s doors, and the heroes must all band together to stop them.

Warner Bros. hasn’t announced a release date for Legion of Super-Heroes. But it will likely arrive in early 2023.

What do you think of the movie’s first trailer? Give us your impressions in the comment section below!

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