Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Drops Trailer For X-Men Rise of the Phoenix DLC 2

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Trailer For Rise of the Phoenix DLC 2

Last year at The Game Awards, Nintendo revealed the first trailer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order for the Switch. For this year’s Game Awards, Nintendo dropped the first look at Ultimate Alliance 3‘s second DLC. The trailer for Rise of the Phoenix reveals that the new fighters for the game: Phoenix, Gambit, Cable, and Iceman.

Additionally, the footage shows the new X-Men in action as well as a demonstration of their powers. It also appears that Jean Grey will go full Dark Phoenix for the story segments.

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Beyond the X-Men, the big addition to the game is the Danger Room Showdown. This is a new versus mode that will allow players to battle each other. There’s also a brief glimpse of the third DLC, Shadow of Doom. That DLC will focus on the Fantastic Four as they take on their greatest villain, Doctor Doom. However, fans will have to wait until Spring 2020 to play Shadow of Doom.

Fortunately, the wait for Rise of the Phoenix is much shorter. Nintendo will release the new DLC on December 23.

Are you excited to see the new trailer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: X-Men Rise of the Phoenix? Which characters do you want to see in the game? Let us know in the comment section below!

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