Lenovo is Teaming Up With Marvel on Dimension of Heroes

Marvel has been exploring the realm of virtual reality with projects like Powers United and the upcoming Iron Man VR. But of course, they’re also pouring some of their resources into developing new augmented reality experiences. Via Variety Marvel is joining forces with Lenovo on a new AR-based game called Marvel: Dimension of Heroes.

The game is made possible by Lenovo’s Mirage AR headset. Previously, the company loaned this tech to Disney for Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, a similar game where players used lightsaber controllers against an array of different enemies. For Dimension of Heroes, gamers will use a pair of grip controllers to conjure the weapons and abilities of their favorite Marvel heroes, including Captain America, Doctor Strange, and Captain Marvel. They’ll face off against a familiar assortment of rogues like the Winter Soldier, Ultron, Dormammu, and more.

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Dimension of Heroes boasts a story mode that lets fans take on their favorite supervillains in one-on-one combat. It also comes with a “survival mode” that involves fending off endless waves of enemies. Additionally, there will be a co-op mode that allows multiple players to team up against different foes and compete for the high score.

Players must download a free app on their smartphones in order to superimpose the villains over their surroundings. Anyone who buys the new version of the headset will also have access to Jedi Challenges. Unfortunately, those who purchased the original model will have to buy a separate set of universal controllers. These aren’t currently available, but a Lenovo spokesperson insists they’ll be arriving in stores in the near future.

The new Mirage AR headset will cost $249.99 at launch. You can check out a trailer for Dimension of Heroes below. Will you be playing the game when it hits store shelves? Let us know in the comment section!

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