Marvel’s Avengers Gets New Details On Story, Overworld Hub and Costumes

Square Enix recently hosted a hands-on event for Marvel’s Avengers during PAX West, which we were able to attend. We already posted some impressions about the game, but the developers at Crystal Dynamics also unveiled various new details about it. This includes how the story goes down following the opening of the game, in which Captain America seemingly sacrifices himself.

The Avengers are forced to break up after the events in San Francisco; which leaves the city in ruins. As a result, a new group called A.I.M. – short for Advanced Intelligent Mechanics – steps in at the government’s request. They believe science is the answer to crime fighting, not superheroes. But things take a turn for the worse, as the following five years sees dark days ahead for the world. As a result, the Avengers get together once again in a destroyed Helicarrier; which they call their home base. It’s here that players will be able to select which missions they want to take on from an overworld map. 

There are two types available, both of which push the narrative of Marvel’s Avengers. The first are single player Hero missions, featuring select characters. These push the general story forward. The second are the WarZone Missions, which are available either solo or with friends in four-player co-op. They’re clearly marked with icons on the map, so players can tell which are which. New sections of the world open up as the story progresses, with additional missions to complete. More of these missions will be revealed in the months ahead.

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The developers also made it clear that it will support Avengers in the long-term, with even more heroes and WarZone Missions to come. And they’ll all be free of charge. In fact, the only Microtransactions the game will have involves select outfits. These include Hulk’s Mr. Fixit suit, Black Widow’s original costume, Thor’s Lord of Asgard outfit and more. These purchases are optional, and other costumes will be available over the course of the game, free of charge.

Finally, there was a tease of more boss fights to come following Black Widow’s scrape with Taskmaster in the demo. The overworld did hint that Hulk’s rival, the Abomination, could enter the fray, along with a very menacing unnamed robot. More footage from the game should reveal additional encounters in the months ahead. For now, the full demo is available here.

Marvel’s Avengers will hit on May 15, 2020 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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