Venom Becomes Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3’s Latest Boss

Game Informer‘s latest issue has revealed lots of new info for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. But the latest intel shows off the game’s Symbiote side and depicts Venom in action. Previous trailers indicated that he would be included in the game. But now it’s confirmed Venom will begin as a boss character. In a new video, several Marvel heroes band together to take on the powerful Venom. But he’s got an ally, as Electro makes it a two-villain boss fight.

GI staffers Ben Reeves and Ben Hanson narrate the video that introduces the Venom and Electro pairing. From there, the duo show off the powers they bring to the table, working together.  For example, Venom throws some Symbiote goo on the ground that works as a conductor to Electro’s incoming lightning strikes. This forces the hero characters to scramble out of the way before they take any damage.

Once Electro calms down, the heroes can strike him, to the point that they “stagger” him. He’ll have stars floating around his head, indicating he’s susceptible to damage. However, the characters will have to watch out for Venom, who sits on a wall above them.

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More alarmingly. Venom “swallows” Electro and absorbs his power before unleashing his own set of devastating electrical attacks. He can jump around the level like a “killer whale” (as the narrators put it) and strike his adversaries very quickly. He can also launch his own aerial attack and ground pound unexpectedly, with little indication where he lands. Fortunately, with enough hits, he, too, can be put into a “stagger” state, opening him up to damage.

The narrators confirmed that once Venom is defeated, he becomes a playable character in the game.  They also confirmed other boss fights in the game, including Nebula and Ronan the Accuser. No word on who else will join the party, but Thanos is definitely in there somewhere.

Game Informer also unveiled a new Hawkeye gameplay video earlier in the week. You can see that below.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order hits Nintendo Switch on July 19. Will you pick up the latest game in the beat-em-up series? Let us know in the comments below!

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