Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Video Features Wolverine In Full Force

One impressive thing Nintendo’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has going for it is its roster. Consisting of characters from the Avengers, the Spider-Verse and the X-Men, it offers a wide array to select from. And one hero that clearly stands out is Wolverine, who’s more than ready to hack away at the Black Order.

Game Informer recently posted a new article as part of their month-long coverage for the forthcoming Nintendo Switch title. Already having made an impact in the prior Ultimate Alliance games, Logan’s stronger than ever for the third go-around. Some fans will easily recognize his style implemented with his moves in the game. For example, Wolverine he launches himself into a deadly spin with the Berserker Barrage, while slashing away at any opponents that get within his range. This is ideal for hacking through a group with minimal damage. Players can also hold down the attack button to aim with precision.

There’s also the Claw Strike, in which “Wolverine slashes forcefully with both sets of claws, then finishes with one last big slash.” It’s a move that does extra damage to stronger foes, such as bosses. Finally, there’s Primal Rage. Once activated, Logan becomes enraged with power. He begins glowing and increases his attack strength for a limited amount of time.

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“Wolverine has a lot of health and durability as well as a natural healing ability that makes him an ideal tank,” author Ben Reeves explains. “He loves to mix it up close range, but he also has a few moves that allow him to dart across the battlefield. This knucklehead is great for managing large groups of enemies and giving other players some room to breathe.”

For those that like to utilize brute strength up close and attack from afar, Wolverine is a very well balanced character. You can check out gameplay footage of these moves, in Game Informer’s video below.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is a Nintendo Switch exclusive title which will hit stores on July 19. What characters do you hope to see in the game? Let us know in the comment section below!

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