Blackest Night

The Flash Showrunner Wanted to Adapt DC’s Blackest Night Storyline

The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace has revealed that he wanted to adapt the iconic 2009 DC story Blackest Night in the series’ final crossover event.

In an interview with EW, Wallace explained how The Flash had already put a bit of work into setting up the famous story arc.

“Back in season 8, we set up The Blackest Night storyline with Deathstorm,” Wallace stated. “When Deathstorm was defeated, the emotional vibrations went all the way back to the Netherverse and another dimension to Nekron, who’s right out of the comic books. I wanted to have one final, big, huge epic crossover, getting everybody — if you’re on a show or not — back together for that storyline.

“What that would have allowed me to do is bring back characters that are dead. The idea was to get them all together to stop Nekron and all his Black Lanterns, which I’m sure Geoff Johns would’ve loved because it’s his creation.”

What is Blackest Night?

First published in 2009, Blackest Night is a Green Lantern-centric DC Comics storyline written by Geoff Johns. The event sees Nekron — a personified embodiment of death — reanimating dead heroes in an attempt to snuff out all emotion and life in the universe. It was followed by the Brightest Day storyline, which followed the resurrected heroes and villains.

The Flash’s ninth season was Grant Gustin’s final time as The Flash, as the actor is not set to cameo in the upcoming feature film adaptation of the same character. Recently, Gustin opened up about concluding the series after nine seasons, stating, “It just felt like time.

The Flash Season 9 starred Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Danielle Nicolet, and Brandon McKnight. The CW series released its final episode on May 24 after being on the air since 2014.