James Gunn Says Titans, Doom Patrol Cancellation Predates Him

When word came out yesterday that the DC Comics-based shows Titans and Doom Patrol would be ending with the current seasons, some fans were quick to blame James Gunn. As the new co-head of DC Studios, he has strongly implied that he’ll have full creative control going forward, and won’t have to answer to anyone higher up trying to change things. But that doesn’t necessarily apply to projects begun before he came aboard.

In answer to one dejected fan, who likely represents many, Gunn explained the decision had already been made before he came aboard. It just hadn’t been made public yet.

Most fans who were paying attention to events at Warner Bros. Discovery figured the shows were destined for cancellation the moment CEO David Zaslav shelved the Batgirl movie for a tax write-off. Titans and Doom Patrol were holdovers from the old DC Universe streaming service, and not connected to any other DC media continuities. Like the Arrowverse, they seemed destined to fall to newer attempts to have shows more connected to the movies.

It’s ironic that in the demise of both Doom Patrol and Batgirl, DC’s eliminating two different characters played by Brendan Fraser right as he hits comeback glory in the Oscar-nominated The Whale. Maybe, if Gunn’s best wishes pay off, he can make it a character trifecta and find a new place in the cinematic universe moving forward.

Would you want to see the stars of the shows recast in DC movies? Let us know your thoughts in comments.

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