The Last of Us Season Finale Promo Reveals Very Little

Perhaps so as not to spoil anything for viewers who haven’t played the games, The Last of Us season finale promo devotes most of its short run-time to shots that reveal nothing. It feels like a cheat, but definitely keeps new fans guessing. For now, all we know about next week is there’ll be at least one Infected showing up, keeping a relatively consistent pattern of showing Infected on alternating weeks. (It’s not an absolute pattern, but comes close.)

With season 2 greenlit, season 1 doesn’t need to have a clear ending like the first game. Will there be a cliffhanger leading into what comes next, or will it end satisfactorily for now? Watch the promo and see if you can glean any hints:

It’s a big week for Pedro Pascal‘s adopted future kids kicking ass on TV shows. On The Mandalorian, Grogu’s starting to show some agency and ability to use the Force for violence. On The Last of Us, Ellie’s becoming something of a mini-Terminator now. This week’s “Inside the Episode” mostly examines how the showrunners pointedly avoided the “hero dad saves the day” trope, and lets Troy Baker talk a bit about how it is to be in the series after starring in the game.

What do you want to see in the season finale? Will the ending stay true to the game, or throw a curveball? Let us know what you think in comments below!

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