Jon Favreau Has Not Planned an Ending For The Mandalorian

It’s been over two years since Luke Skywalker saved Grogu and Din Djarin in The Mandalorian season 2 finale. Much to the delight of many fans, season 3 will arrive in a matter of days. However, the future and eventual ending has been a popular topic of conversation with creator Jon Favreau. The Mandalorian showrunner recently said that all of season 4 has been written.

Now, Favreau is facing questions about when the series will finish. Surprisingly, Favreau told The Inside Total Film podcast that he does not have an ending planned for The Mandalorian, believing a natural conclusion will come over time.

“I think the beauty of this is that it’s a middle chapter of a much larger story,” Favreau said. “And though we’ll have resolution over time with these characters, I think…how these characters fit into the larger scope and scale, but it’s not like there’s a finale that we’re building to that I have in mind.”

Favreau further emphasized how much he enjoys telling stories in The Mandalorian universe, going as far as to say the characters could be around for a long time.

“I love for these stories to go on and on,” Favreau explained. “And so these characters potentially could be with us for a while, and I really love telling stories in their voice, and I love the way the adventures unfold and I’m looking forward to doing much more.”

The third season of The Mandalorian arrives on March 1 on Disney+.

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