Jon Cryer Endorses Michael Cudlitz’s New Lex Luthor

Earlier this week, Superman & Lois cast The Walking Dead‘s Michael Cudlitz as the new Lex Luthor. This was not an unexpected development for Jon Cryer, the actor who previously portrayed Luthor in Supergirl and the other Arrowverse shows. Last month, Cryer acknowledged that producers informed him that someone else would take over the role, and he expressed his thanks for the courtesy. Now that Cudlitz has been cast in the iconic role, Cryer has graciously offered his endorsement.

Via Twitter, Cryer reacted to the show’s description of a much more threatening Luthor and expressed a desire to have played with that darker take. Regardless, he offered Cudlitz his full support.

In turn, Cudlitz offered his thanks before Cryer shared a facetious warning about the show’s Lois Lane, Bitsie Tulloch.

According to EW, this version of Luthor is a “brutal psychopath” who has re-emerged “hellbent on correcting a personal injustice by enacting revenge on the two people he feels have wronged him — Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois Lane.”

It’s also worth noting that in this incarnation, the general public doesn’t know that Luthor is a villain. Instead, he is only known as “the visionary billionaire behind LexCorp.”

Superman & Lois season 3 will premiere on The CW on Tuesday, March 14.

Are you glad to see Jon Cryer give his endorsement to Michael Cudlitz? Let us know in the comment section below!

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