Westworld Will Be Pulled Down From HBO Max

Just over a month ago, HBO cancelled Westworld and shut down a planned fifth season of the sci-fi series. Now, Deadline is reporting that the entire Westworld series is being pulled from HBO Max in another round of cuts from Warner Bros. Discover. In other words, it’s going the full Zazlav alongside its fellow original series, The Nevers.

Those aren’t the only shows being removed to cut costs. But unlike Minx, Love Life, and Gordita Chronicles, Westworld and The Nevers are fully owned by Warner Bros. Discovery and HBO. So, what is the benefit of pulling completed or nearly completed series from the streaming service? Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zazlav has made aggressive cuts before. But these are among the most perplexing.

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Keep in mind, Westworld‘s cancellation came so late that the cast was still paid for the fifth season. And the second half of The Nevers season 1 was finished, but unreleased by HBO. Deadline speculates that both shows may show up on a WBD ad-supported streaming service. Or they may possibly be sent to rival streaming services that are willing to pay for them.

At one point, Westworld was positioned as HBO’s heir apparent to Game of Thrones. It could have become HBO’s signature original series if the audience hadn’t eroded during seasons three and four. Now, it’s simply one more show to shopped somewhere else by its new corporate masters.

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