Golden Glider, Harley Quinn, and Kite Man in the Kite Man: Hell Yeah! teaser

Kite Man: Hell Yeah! – Harley Quinn Spin-off Reveals First Teaser Trailer

Max has released the first official teaser trailer for the adult animated series Kite Man: Hell Yeah!, a spin-off of DC‘s Harley Quinn set to premiere sometime next year.

The Kite Man: Hell Yeah! teaser opens on Matt Oberg’s DC villain sitting in Noonan’s Bar, where he shares a little too much information while recounting how he decided to become a costumed criminal. What follows is a montage featuring the blood and chaos Harley Quinn fans have come to expect. On that note, the spin-off’s teaser also includes a number of characters from the mothership series — including Queen of Fables, Bane, Golden Glider (Kite Man‘s girlfriend), and even Harley herself. It concludes with Darkseid preparing to launch an “all-out war” on Earth.

Check out the official teaser for Kite Man: Hell Yeah! (available via both YouTube and X/Twitter) below:

It was in March 2022 that Harley Quinn co-showrunner Patrick Schumacker first announced a Kite Man spin-off was in development. The animated series was originally titled Noonan’s, after the aforementioned bar frequented by the likes of Harley and Kite Man. At the time, Schumacker described the spin-off as being “kind of like Cheers for supervillains. Max (then known as HBO Max) ordered Noonan’s/Kite Man: Hell Yeah! to series the following month.

Hell yeah: Kite Man’s journey through DC’s Harley Quinn universe

Kite Man was a major player during the first two seasons of Harley Quinn, which began life on the now-defunct DC Universe streaming service before jumping to Max. Much of those early seasons centered on the dim-witted but well-meaning supervillain’s burgeoning romance Poison Ivy. However, Harley Quinn Season 2 concluded with the couple’s wedding being called off, and Ivy entering a romantic relationship with longtime friend Harley instead.

Kite Man had a greatly reduced role in Harley Quinn Season 3, as his spin-off was already deep into development by the time the season premiered in July 2022. However, his brief featured appearance did establish his newfound relationship with Golden Glider, and revealed that he held no ill will toward Harley and Ivy. Most recently, Kite Man made a single cameo appearance in Harley Quinn Season 4, which debuted its finale on Max today. It remains to be seen if Max will pick up the fan-favorite series for Season 5.

Kite Man: Hell Yeah! flies onto Max in 2024.