The Boys’ A-Train Reveals Voughtify’s Top Songs of 2022

For the last week, social media feeds have been filled with users sharing their Spotify Wrapped, revealing which songs and artists dominated their earbuds in 2022. So naturally, this was the perfect opportunity for The Boys to jump in with its signature brand of corporate satire. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Vought International has its own music streaming service, conveniently named Voughtify. And in a new parody video, A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) recaps the top five songs that listeners couldn’t get enough of this year.

At the bottom of the list is “Rock My Kiss” by Super-Sweet, the supe boy band fronted by Annie January/Starlight’s ex-boyfriend, Supersonic (f.k.a. Drummer Boy). Supersonic was famously murdered by Homelander in The Boys season 3 for conspiring with Starlight. And since A-Train is the one who basically got him killed by telling the Seven’s leader about their collusion, it’s a little jarring to watch him eulogize Supersonic in the video. But what else would you expect given the series’ dark tone?

Even more shocking is the #4 song: Soldier Boy’s cover of “Rapture” by Blondie. Seeing the former leader of Payback on the list is bound to ruffle some feathers, considering his well-publicized betrayal of Vought in season 3. But as A-Train himself admits, the track is a certified banger. You can watch the full countdown via the company’s Twitter account below.

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Finally, in a not-entirely-unexpected turn of events, the remaining songs on the list are all A-Train originals, with “Hide Your Girlfriend,” “Run Through Your Heart,” and “Faster” claiming the top three spots. Whether or not he achieved this without Vought tampering with its own algorithms is certainly up for debate. Regardless, the sinister double meanings of the first two songs shouldn’t be lost on anyone who watches the show.

Currently, the cast and crew of The Boys are deep into production on season 4. Amazon still hasn’t announced a date for the series’ return. However, the new episodes are expected to drop in 2023, but after the debut of the show’s upcoming spinoff, Gen V.

Which songs would make your Voughtify Recapped list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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