The Witcher: Blood Origin Featurette Previews the Conjunction of the Spheres

At last weekend’s CCXP. Netflix shared an all-new trailer for The Witcher: Blood Origin. But as the series’ premiere date inches closer, don’t expect the reveals to slow down anytime soon. The spinoff aims to fill in a lot of the mysteries surrounding the history of the Continent, the main setting for all Witcher stories. And in a new featurette via IGN, the show’s cast and creators tease how these answers will come to light.

In contrast to the eight-episode seasons of the flagship Witcher series, Blood Origin only has four episodes to tell its own story. Regardless, the tale that’s about to unfold is arguably more pivotal than the stories that came before it. The new series will reveal how the Conjunction of the Spheres brought humans and monsters to the Continent and changed its landscape forever, which showrunner Declan de Barra is excited to finally show us.

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“I just wanted to play with those unanswered questions where always going, ‘What happened in the world pre-conjunction?’” explained de Barra. “So we’re taking it up to that moment. It’s the month that leads up to there, and we explain the mechanics of it and the tragic tale of how it came to be.”

De Barra also discussed how the version of the Continent that appears in Blood Origin is “very different” from the one that Witcher fans are normally used to, because it shows the Elves at the height of their powers. But despite all the “high art” and “high culture” on display, the race is still locked in a civil war between the three kingdoms that’s been raging for over 1,000 years. Regardless, De Barra hints that the meeting between science and magic will have wide-ranging effects on the characters and their universe.

The Witcher: Blood Origin will premiere on Netflix on December 25.

Are you looking forward to watching the full series later this month? Let us know in the comment section below!

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