Andor Writer Talks About Andy Serkis’ Role in Episode 10

The latest episode of Andor ended with one of the most dramatic sequences of the show so far. After disabling the floor’s security system, Cassian (Diego Luna), Kino (Andy Serkis), and the rest of the inmates overpowered the guards and escaped their unit. Over the intercom, Kino encouraged the other prisoners to join the rebellion. Kino’s inspiring speech included the phrase “one way out” to unite the prisoners. In speaking with CNET, writer Beau Willimon explained Kino’s pivotal moment.

“When you think of the rallying cry of ‘One way out,’ you can think of that in a very literal sense — you can only go up and out, and dive into the lake. But if you think on a bigger level — all of these guys are chanting this together — you’re seeing [that the] only one way out of the oppression, and the Empire, is collectively working together,” said Willimon. “With risk and sacrifice. Some of us are going to die, some of us aren’t going to make it. But our only way out is together, en masse, with collective courage. That’s the bigger launcher for the rebellion.”

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To escape the prison, the inmates had to jump off a ledge and swim to freedom. Although many prisoners, including Cassian, were able to escape, Kino was not so lucky. In a cruel twist of fate, Kino revealed his inability to swim, retreating into the prison as he watched his fellow inmates escape. Willimon explained how this shocking twist excited him as a writer.

“Whoever said that in the room, the moment it was said, it was almost silent for a few seconds. His greatest moment of triumph is also his greatest moment of tragedy,” said Willimon. “And when you can have both those things happen at the same time in the story, it’s golden. You ache for, you yearn for the handful of times in your life that you get to, as a writer, arrive at a moment like that.”

The next episode of Andor airs on November 16 on Disney+.

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