The Witcher: Blood Origin Cast Reveals New Character Details

Over the weekend, Netflix finally announced that its four-episode Witcher spinoff, Blood Origin, will debut on Christmas Day later this year. Aside from the creation of the prototype Witcher, the series will also examine how the Conjunction of Spheres combined the realms of elf, man, and monsters into the single Continent featured in the flagship series. This story will primarily be told through the eyes of three new heroes: Élie, Fjall, and Scian. Now, the actors (via EW) portraying these characters onscreen have shared more about what they each bring to the table.

Sophia Brown stars in Blood Origin as Élie (a.k.a. “The Lark”), a former member of the elven Queens-guard. However, she currently resigns herself to the life of a traveling musician, armed with a key-harp and an angelic singing voice. But although she would rather perform in front of an audience, Élie’s warrior training is still intact. And according to Brown, she serves as “the compass” guiding her new allies into the unknown.

“I liked the fact that, even though there was a lot of fighting and there was a lot of toughness to the character, I brought a softness to her that was crucial to the world, to her, and to the people that she interacts with,” said Brown. “I didn’t want a woman who is tough and self-sufficient to just be seen as cold.”

Laurence O’Fuarain’s Fjall comes from a similar background, but his character lives with a completely different clan of elves. Whereas Élie’s Raven Clan uses swords, Fjall’s Dog Clan prefers to wield axes instead. Early on in the series, viewers will watch as Fjall is exiled by his own people. This subsequently forces him to reconsider his place in the world.

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“He has, in battle, lost a loved one who he was trying to protect, and he just can’t get over that,” explained O’Fuarain. “It’s eating him up inside an awful lot. He can’t make peace with himself or the world around him. So when he gets cast out of his clan, he’s trying to find his place in the world. While that’s happening, the Continent is in total turmoil.”

Michelle Yeoh completes the trio as Scian, a legendary sword-elf who was adopted by the Ravens after the Dog Clan attacked her original tribe, the Ghost Clan. She ultimately taught Élie everything she knows about swordsmanship. But all these years later, she lives in solitude in the Black Sands (that is, until new enemies emerge).

“It is totally her choice because this is where she finds peace, she communicates with her ancestors to find out what the future holds,” said Yeoh. “”She is very spiritual. This existence is only interrupted because Éile has come looking for her.”

The Witcher: Blood Origin will premiere on Netflix on December 25.

Which of these new characters are you most excited to meet this year? Let us know in the comment section below!

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