Thing Comes To Nevermore in Netflix’s Latest Wednesday Clip

No Addams Family series is complete without Thing doing his creepy-crawly routine across a wide variety of surfaces. But fortunately, it looks everyone’s favorite disembodied appendage is going to play a major role when the latest spin on the long-running franchise premieres this fall. During today’s Tudum livestream, Netflix premiered a new Wednesday clip introduced by the series’ headliner, Jenna Ortega. You can check out the scene in the player below.

The clip finds Wednesday settling into her dorm room at Nevermore when she discovers an unexpected stowaway hiding under her bedsheets. As it turns out, Thing was sent by Wednesday’s famous parents, Gomez (Luis Guzmán) and Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones), to keep an eye on her at her new school. But it shouldn’t surprise anyone that she doesn’t like the idea of being watched. So she offers Thing a choice: either he can spend the next few months locked in a drawer, or he can help her escape from Nevermore’s “teenage purgatory.”

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Ortega continues to nail Wednesday’s deadpan delivery with chilling success. However, she also demonstrates a level of ruthlessness not seen in prior incarnations of the character. It’s clear from Thing’s shivering that he’s genuinely scared of what Wednesday is capable of. And while it couldn’t have been an easy task, special props go to the series’ visual effects team for making a severed hand appear as expressive as possible.

Wednesday will premiere on Netflix on November 23.

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