Adria Arjona Reveals How Morbius and Andor Share the Same Fans

2022 continues to be a banner year for Adria Arjona. The 30-year-old actress joined two major franchises. First, Arjona starred alongside Jared Leto in Morbiusthe latest film from Sony’s Spider-Man universe of Marvel characters. Now, Arjona makes her debut in the Star Wars universe as Bix Caleen in Andor. Marvel and Star Wars are known for secrecy within projects and their passionate fanbases. In speaking with, Arjona shared her experiences within both franchises and how, in her experience, they share the same fans.

“So I know that when I was doing press for Morbius I got all the Star Wars questions and I was like, ‘Let’s talk about Morbius’ And I feel like even now in these interviews there’s people that are like, ‘Oh, I loved Morbius,'” said Arjona. “I feel like I’ve been part of it in a way for the past like couple of months since Morbius ’cause they do share fans.”

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Arjona further elaborated on how the historical aspect of Star Wars gave her a different feeling about Andor when compared to Morbius.

“But I think Star Wars, there’s something specifically about Star Wars that it’s almost like you’re going almost into history that I think Marvel definitely felt bigger, but I think there’s something about Star Wars that just turned sort of my belly,” Arjona said.

Despite negative reviews and a poor box office performance, Morbius remains one of the most streamed films on Netflix since its September 7 debut. Meanwhile, Andor streams the first three episodes to Disney+ starting today, September 21.

If you could only pick one to watch, would you choose Morbius or Andor? Leave your answers in the comments below!

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